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Taking about an hour to perform, the Dash whitening system uses a unique 30% hydrogen peroxide formula and does not require mixing, refrigeration or an activating light. Because an activating light can increase postoperative sensitivity, patients who experience dental sensitivity may choose Dash as a whitening method.

Included in a Dash kit, the peroxide formula comes in pre-loaded syringes, and the syringe itself has a flocked tip that aids in applying the bleaching gel to the teeth. Treatment time is about one hour. Also included is a syringe of pain reliever, that, if needed can help patients relieve pain

In addition to providing patients with a more comfortable and affordable whitening technique,  Dash is a significantly easier procedure for dentists to perform.

To learn more about Dash in-office whitening, call Teal Ridge Dental Care at 346-686-2002.

Teeth Whitening

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